Meet the family!

David has passed down his knowledge not only to his son, but to his loyal employees. He takes the time to make sure everyone on his team is made into family, and when you're family, you now have the family values. Everyone working for Wayne Smith and Son is professional, knowledgable, loyal, and exceptional at their job. 

Terri Smith, loving wife to David Smith and predecessor of Trudy Smith, is really a Wonder Woman when it comes to the family business. She is there for the customer whether it be simple questions, complex questions, shopping for appliances, picking out paint colors, or pulling permits. She is the master mind of budgeting and booking keeping and is there for everyone as a loving mom, and supportive friend. 

Now meet the new father and son duo! David Smith, the son to Wayne Smith and Son, has proudly trained and provided knowledge to son Justin Smith for over 10 years. They now stand together, ready to tackle any project with over forty years of knowledge. 

Trudy Smith, loving wife to Wayne Smith, proud mother of David Smith, was the behind the scenes manager of the business for years. She was a professional at book keeping, managing the business, and helping the customer with their needs. 

Now that you have met the family, come join the family. Because that's what you become when you choose Wayne Smith and Son. We are there for family. From start, to finish. It's scary building your first home, or second, or business, or even a porch! Because we know that at the end of the day, customers just want to be happy. They want to be safe in their new home, or standing on their new deck, and we want that for you. We're here to help you through the steps of building, designing, planning, and then enjoying the outcome. 

Meet Wayne Smith, a retired Air Force officer and one of the founders of Wayne Smith and Son. Collectively, with over 10 years experience, Wayne and son David, started Wayne Smith and Son over 40 years ago. They have continued to grow their knowledge and skills and have build an amazing business that shows amazing results. Tragically, Wayne has passed, but David has taken pride and joy in taking over the company and living up to it's standards. 

Not only do you get 40 years of knowledge and experience, but you get family that has been successful for three generations. This success is due do to the family values passed down for years. Those values being, hard work, pride in work, and the need to provide exceptional work to those that need it.